Legal Studies

**WINNER** Best Documentary History, Social and Political Issues - 2011 ATOM Awards

On Trial is a groundbreaking, five-part documentary series featuring unprecedented access to major criminal trials in Australian courts.

The idea of choosing your baby's hair and eye colour, IQ, height, weight and talents fills most of us with a sense of horror, evoking memories of Nazi breeding programmes from the 1930s.

Burma is one of the world's most closed and surveiled societies. It is a nation where independent journalists are banned and where translators and guides are often threatened.

While Australia spends millions of dollars to stop the flow of asylum seeker boats, its efforts are constantly undermined by criminals and corrupt military and government officials.

The Articular Surface Replacement hip or ASR created by DePuy and marketed by the Johnson and Johnson company was sold to doctors and patients as a giant step forward in joint replacement.

This three-part special series takes a look at the role sex plays in society today.
Sex, Faith and Marriage

During night exercises in January 1964 the flagship of the RAN, the aircraft carrier Melbourne, collided with the destroyer Voyager 20 miles off Jervis Bay in NSW.

The irrepressible Don Chipp pulls no punches in talking to Peter Thompson about his life in politics and his approach to life since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, “If you’re feeling down

In the last year of their degree, Legal students try their hand at real cases for the first time.

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