Legal Studies

Kim Mavromatis's documentary, Sacred Ground, shines a glaring spotlight on the terrible chasm of understanding that yawns between black and white Australia.

The Big Lie (Terry Carlyon, 2004) is a 52-minute documentary on the tobacco industry's policy of destroying documents that could be used in law cases against them.

In January 1964 the flagship of the RAN, the aircraft carrier Melbourne, collided with the destroyer Voyager off Jervis Bay in NSW.

Level: Upper Secondary, Tertiary, General interest

A four part documentary series for SBS following ordinary Australians as they deal with the agonizing everyday choices which most of us hope never to have to face.

In an IncIdent that shocked the world, a teenage tibetan nun, kelsang namtso, was killed when chinese border police opened fire on a group of pilgrims as they fled tibet over the infamous nangpa Pa

Leaky Boat is a compelling and challenging account of one of the most controversial moments in recent Australian history: the 2001 drama of the Tampa, and the Naval campaign to stop refugee boats f

A Case For The Coroner would be suitable for teachers of middle to senior secondary students in English, SOSE, Science, Media and Legal Studies.

Written by Mark Thomson and narrated by Bryan Dawe, this series uncovers the many astonishing achievements of a little known inventor who lived in the small outback town of Hoke's Bluff.

Dead Drunk: Lights Out in the Cross?

Trigger Point is a powerful two-part series that goes deep inside police culture.

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