Earth and Environmental Science

The SLEEK GEEKS are two of Australia's best loved science broadcasters, Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer.

This two part series provides an extensive investigation into one of the greatest biological disasters of the modern age.
Silent Sentinals

This four part series narrated by David Wenham examines the nature, extent, and current and future scenarios around dryland and freshwater salinity.
Episode 1 - The Story

Set in the spectacularly beautiful Antarctica, this film documents how Australia came to lead the world in understanding and conserving this last great wilderness.

For an experience that can be alternately savage and serene, plunge into the aquamarine waters of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

It has long been held true that Australia has a 'dead heart' but now ecologist Dr Steve Morton declares war on this cherished belief.

For the first time in 35 years Lake Eyre in Central Australia is filled with life giving water.

Following on from our extremely popular Salinity compilation in 1999, this update continues the debate about salinity and its devastating impact on the Australian environment.

Salinity has been called the biggest environmental threat to Australia in the 21st century.

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