Earth and Environmental Science

Carbon Cops is a hybrid series that blends science the environment and observational documentary - tackling what we can all practically do about global warming. The series inspires and motivates.

Author Tim Bowden takes us on one of the last great adventures - a voyage through the treacherous Southern Ocean to Australia's Antarctic Territory.
Ep 1 - Macquarie Island

The story of a man whose strange farming practices are puzzling agricultural scientists.

Peter Andrews is a farmer and horseman with passion for healing damaged Australian landscapes through a method he calls natural sequence farming. For decades it seemed no one would listen.

Bill McHarg had it all. As the Victorian Chairman and one of the founders of Colliers International, a hugely successful global property firm, he wielded enormous power and influence.

These documentaries use a variety of primary sources to investigate issues in Australia's past.

Discover the beauty, brilliance and behaviour of Australia's most conspicuous birds – parrots and cockatoos – in Australia: Land of Parrots.

This fascinating and visually spectacular series documents the natural history of Australia and how it responds to extreme climatic events.
Ep 1. La Nina

With spectacular photography, Australia - the Big Picture explores the lives of the animals that survive the extreme conditions on this great island continent.

This is an intimate portrait of a community building a future after the disaster of losing its past.

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