Aboriginal Studies

Kim Mavromatis's documentary, Sacred Ground, shines a glaring spotlight on the terrible chasm of understanding that yawns between black and white Australia.

This story traces one year in the life of the NAISDA college, detailing its battle to survive.

In 1964, Yuwali was seventeen when her first contact with whitefellas was filmed. Now sixty-two, she tells the story behind this extraordinary footage.

In the late 1990s, Ray Dennis arrived on Palm Island, fleeing an alcohol problem and a failed marriage.

DVD copies of the State Memorial Service for Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam are available through ABC Library Sales.

Dust Echoes is a children's animated television and online series that brings to life four Indigenous Australian Dreamtime stories.

In this three part series, a diverse group of outstanding contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists reveal to pre-eminent curator Hetti Perkins how their art practice is driven by

What happens when 50 young indigenous teenagers from Alice Springs get together in a Rap music workshop?

‘It’s impossible to imagine what Australia would be like without surfing’ – Tim Winton

Geraldine Doogue talks to Australian singer-songwriter Archie Roach about his journey of survival and transformation.

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