The inside story of Ian Thorpe’s comeback. We know what happened in the pool; this is the story of what went on in his head and heart.

Go behind the headlines and inside the heads of young Aussies as they experience the fun, anxiety, hope and confusion of Schoolies on the Gold Coast and in Bali.

Separated by a generation, and divided by their beliefs, two passionate, intelligent and successful Australians go on a journey of mutual discovery to see if they can change each other's minds

In 1999 a unique dance company was established in Barcelona with the aim of turning a selection of the best contemporary dance students from around the world into first class professionals.

Island Life is a six-part series exploring some of Australia's most remarkable islands - from the Tropics to the Antarctic – and the interaction of their human and animal inhabitants.

On 7th February 2009, Australia suffered its worst peacetime disaster.

"Islands of the Vampire Birds" is the story of how a tiny finch made its way to a barren group of islands in the Pacific and evolved into one of the most fascinating groups of birds on ea

Anyone who has built or renovated a house could imagine the nightmare of constructing a $450 million civic and cultural landmark to a radical design (not a right angle in sight) by architects with

Documentary-style series of programs focusing on the use of the English language in various contexts and through different texts and for different purposes.

This three-part series is about the thing we call architecture . . . but it is more particularly about us.