The prosecution of Julian Assange. "I suppose very flawed personalities often are the engineers of history and I think Julian Assange is one." Editor.

Fear and race on the streets of Melbourne.

They're portraying us right now like we're demons." Young Sudanese man.

"We're criminalising more women than ever before." Prisoner rights activist. I have been to prison five times...

How your postcode can determine the quality of the care you get. You'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a third world country." Wife of patient.

It's likened to a scene from an apocalypse. Empty streets, overflowing hospitals and an overwhelming sense of fear in a city of 11 million people placed in "lockdown".

Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis.

This special bushfire edition of Four Corners is presented by Hamish Macdonald. "We can't get any help...the truck is burning." NSW Fire crew, Nowra.

he story of a brave young soccer team gripped the world.

How the Chinese Communist Party crushed democracy. Thirty years ago millions of students and citizens protested in Tiananmen Square calling for democracy.

His present identity and whereabouts are mysteries to all but a select few. When he reveals his story to members of a powerful US Senate committee, he's just a silhouette on a screen.