Be very afraid. This is an unforgettable journey of horror and fascination.

Reporter Kerry O'Brien introduces fresh claims on tobacco industry practices in the '90s in its attempts to limit future liability over the health effects of smoking.

More than one in a 100 Australians will be affected by schizophrenia at some time in their lives.

Australia faces a population explosion of 60 per cent or more over the next four decades.

For the first time in 35 years Lake Eyre in Central Australia is filled with life giving water.

Authorities trial 'Circle Court' for Aboriginal punishment.

In a complex debate over the way we're raising and educating children these days, one pattern is inescapable.

A half-hour special looking at the seriousness of the Asian financial crisis of January 1998 with interviews with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, David Hale and Kenichi Ohmae.

30 Years after the dismissal of the Whitlam government by Sir John Kerr, The 7.30 Report reflects on the dramatic events of November 11, 1975 and talks at length to the two central political player