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The ABC is over 83 years old, yet its eclectic and extensive Stills Collection pre-dates its inception by a decade with images of 1920s radio stations 2FC and 2BL.

At 83 years young, “Aunty” is best known for radio and television but arguably, the jewel in her crown is the Still Image Collection. Locked away in the vaults and given the white glove treatment the collection has been preserved and is available on request. The collection begins in the 1920’s featuring images of radio stations 2FC and 2BL, through to nostalgic sepia prints of actors performing in radio plays. Through its involvement with TV Times magazine in the 1960s and 70s, the ABC holds publicity shots from some of the great early TV productions – Bonanza, Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy, Number 96 and Young Talent Time as well as all your ABC favourites! The Collection’s unique feature is a detailed insider’s view on the magic moments in the history of radio and television while focusing on the ABC in particular. If you’re after a slice of radio and television history, the ABC Stills Collection is an extensive and invaluable photographic record.

We also license ABC owned digitised images from today and yesterday’s news.

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ABC Archive Stills Collection

Archive - Harbour Bridge

Archive - Olympics 56

Archive - Radio Drama

ABC Digital Images

Digital Stills - Martin Place Siege Flower Memorial

Digital Stills - Martin Place Siege Flower Memorial

Library Sales Stills - Reporting the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

Digital Stills - Reporting the Boxing Day Tsunami

Digital Stills - Sunset

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