Frequently Asked Questions - Programs

Only a small selection of ABC non-theatric programs are available with open captions (Supertext) or closed captions for the deaf and hearing impaired. Please Contact Us for more information. An additional charge may apply. See also for details on closed caption programs available in ABC Shops. See also for schools TV programs with closed captions.

We accept MasterCard and Visa. Credit card payments are accepted via phone, fax and email. Please see How to Order for details.

Retail DVDs sold through ABC Shops and ABC Centres are produced for the private and domestic market and sold at a retail price. The copyright material on these programs is not licensed for public viewing in clubs, institutions, businesses or educational institutions. Any use of the program apart from private home viewing may be in breach of copyright.

Library Sales programs in accordance with the tiered pricing structure are licensed with non-theatric rights permitting viewing by non-paying audiences. There is no need for further payment through Screenrights for screening on non theatric programs. These programs are produced to order and copyright licenses require an upfront payment unrelated to the sales potential of the program.

You may return any goods that are faulty within 14 days of the receipt of your order, but you must Contact Us first for approval. Any returns that are sent back to ABC Library Sales without authorisation will be sent back to the customer at an additional postage charge. Once this has been authorised for return, it will be previewed to confirm the fault claim and a replacement copy will be sent.

An exhibition licence will be required when a screening is open to the public. This can be on a one time basis or on a regular basis for a fixed time. Fees vary depending on the number of runs, the nature of the program and the tiered pricing structure.

All programs are supplied as MP4 files via email link or USB, copied directly from the broadcast master tapes or files held in the ABC Archive.

The price you pay for the programs is based upon the intended use of the program. Refer to the pricing structure above or contact us for clarification. Programs cannot be duplicated, edited or broadcast in any way. Also see How to Order for details. There is no need for further payment through Screenrights for screening of non-theatric programs.

We accept orders from other countries, subject to copyright clearance. We supply in MP4 file format only. Overseas customers can make an online enquiry via our online enquiry form regarding availability and price of programs. Pre-payment is required for all international orders. Download an order form from our How to Order page.

In accordance with the copyright applicable to the purchase price paid for the non-theatric use of a program, any further editing or alternation of the program is forbidden. Contact Library Sales – Footage, Audio, Stills if you are seeking stock footage for your next production.

Discounts for bulk purchases of the same program are available upon written request. Please Contact Us and let us know your requirements.

Duplication rights are subject to negotiation with regard to copyright clearances and intended usage for non-paying, non-public audiences. Contact Us for our Exhibition Licence Agreements.

The availability and prices for Distance Education purchases or transmission is negotiable depending on quantity and proposed format delivery. Please Contact Us for more details.

A licence can be supplied for a program to be made available via online streaming to non-paying audiences within the licenced school, tertiary and other educational institution, library, hospital, government body, community group and business organisation.

We accept MasterCard and Visa. Credit card payments are accepted via phone, fax and email. Please see How to Order for details.

Yes we do from recognised educational organisations who have a credit account with the ABC. We will invoice your organisation when we send you the program.

Yes. Please see How to Order for more details.

Most ABC radio stations (Classic FM, triple j, 702, Radio National etc) publish their playlists online. You can find further information on the ABC Radio site at

Programs purchased from our catalogue may be viewed by individuals in a private setting, or exhibited to non-paying audiences in schools, tertiary and other educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, government bodies, community groups and a range of business organisations.

We are not set up to operate as a hire or lending facility service. If we have all the necessary rights, we are happy to make the program available for purchase.

We do not offer a public access library service, but permit professional researchers to come in do their own research in our Sydney or Melbourne offices by appointment. A facilities fee applies. For further information please go to ABC Archives.

Besides the supply of non-theatric copies of television and radio programs, subject to copyright clearances we can also licence the use of online content including transcripts and articles as well as still images and graphics.

Television and radio programs may be taped off air by educational institutions that have an agreement with Screenrights. Nearly all schools, TAFEs and universities have an agreement with Screenrights but if you are unsure please check with your principal or with Screenrights, ph (02) 9904 0133 or fax (02) 9904 0498.

Screenrights has also developed a service for obtaining DVD copies of your favourite programs that you would like to use as a teaching resource which are not readily available through Library Sales due to copyright restrictions. Visit Enhance TV.

Qualifying educational institutions may be able to use these audio and audio-visual files in accordance with Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968 as amended. For more information, please contact Screenrights.

Our prices are standard for all purchasing groups, unless otherwise indicated. A tiered pricing structure applies for most programs available for sale.
Standard price applies for all purchases by tertiary institutions, libraries, and private and public sector organisations.
Schools price applies for purchases by Primary and Secondary schools in Australia and only applies when accompanied by an official order form or prepayment.
Home Viewer price applies for purchases by individual members of the public using programs for viewing in a private home setting only.
Back catalogue programs not listed in our online catalogue may be sourced from our ABC Library Archive. An additional charge may apply for research and dubbing costs from film to DVD. Price upon application.