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ABC Library Sales consists of two distinct business units that license and sell, both ABC owned and Represented content. The two units are Footage Audio Stills licensing and Programs for educational, organisational or personal use

Our world class collection of footage, audio and stills for use in your productions.

Key ABC Collections

  • Aerials / Locations / Landscapes
  • Arts
  • Australia - Extreme Weather
  • Australia - Nature & Environment
  • Bloopers & Oddities
  • Countdown - 1974 - 1987
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Music & Music Programs
  • News & Current Affairs
  • People / Culture / Celebrations
  • Sport
  • Wildlife


The ABC is currently unable to service requests for personal or educational copies of programmes in the ABC Program Sales Catalogue. A new system to service these requests is currently in development. It is anticipated this service will be operational towards from mid-2021. Please keep checking this website for further updates.

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