Does the database show records for the whole collection?

TARA Online does not include records for drama, comedy, children's or education productions, nor station promotions. Some records for pre 1984 filmed items, programs and segments that have been purchased by the ABC, and some programs held in the ABC Program Library are also not detailed in TARA Online. State based news items that are less than 7 years old and any crime related out takes are not available on TARA Online.

ABC Natural History stock vision is not available on TARA ONLINE. WILD Online is the ABC's Natural History database and contains sound and vision records.

Light Entertainment programs such as New Inventors, Spicks and Specks, and The Einstein Factor are not entered into TARA Online.

Remember that you can always contact us for access to our expert researchers who can perform detailed searches on in-house databases and systems. These items include dramas, film, stock footage and natural history. Fees apply.

TARA ONLINE is updated daily on working days. Records from the previous 24 hours will not be available till the next update.