The Wiggles: Wiggle Time!

Available: HD 6 x 20'

The Wiggles: Wiggle Time!



These themed episodes from The Wiggles feature favourite segments from classic series, along with new introductions and additional material.

Planes, Trains Boats & Wiggly Cars
Get ready to discover all the different ways you can travel, and sing along to Toot, Toot Chugga, Chugga!

Yummy, Yummy!
Prepare for a healthy feast of fun as The Wiggles celebrate their favourite food, with songs including the Hot Potato and the Fruit Salad!

So Many Animals to See
Head off on an animal adventure to meet all your favourite animals. Whether on safari or at the farm, there are so many animals to see!

Wiggle and Learn
Pop on your thinking cap and get ready to count, move, learn and dance. Learning has never been so fun!

Quiet time with The Wiggles
Grab your favourite bear and join The Wiggles for some quiet time as they sing and dance, relax and recharge. Bear's now asleep. Shh, Shh, Shh….

Dancing with The Wiggles
Get ready to point your fingers and do the twist, as The Wiggles take you on a musical journey through their favourite dance styles – from ballet, to Irish and even Dinosaur dancing!

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