The Wiggles: Trains, Planes & The Big Red Car!

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The Wiggles: Trains, Planes & The Big Red Car!




The Wiggles special Trains, Planes & The Big Red Car! provides a brand new, entertaining and educational experience for kids!

Exploring the modes of transportation in today’s world, The Wiggles celebrate the concept of the journey, and the action of moving from one space to another – with on road, off road, air and water adventures! Even more exciting for little ones is the notion of space travel, and The Wiggles take kids into orbit with song and dance in Rocket Ship.

Special guests include Paul Nunnari and John Williamson, along with the Alan family, traditional dancers from Ngunnawal Country, and from Canada, brilliant folk musicians, The East Pointers.

Kids will learn not only how to imitate the sound and movement of trains, planes, and cars – but also how to buckle up, and how to keep sanitised and travel safe, with the ‘Handwashing’ and ‘Social Distancing’ songs.

Fresh and fun, The Wiggles: Trains, Planes & The Big Red Car! helps kids learn about the abstract concept of travel! All aboard!

The Wiggles full catalogue of Series and Specials is available here!


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