The Wiggles: Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Available: 3 x Series

The Wiggles: Ready, Steady, Wiggle!



Ready, Steady, Wiggle! – Series 1 and Series 2 are the premiere series from the new Wiggles line-up featuring brand new songs, along with fresh interpretations of Wiggles favourites. Anthony, Lachy, Simon and Emma (the first-ever female Wiggle) engage, entertain and inform children with their catchy songs and delightful friends.

Just like their earlier work, the series presents bright and engaging entertainment for pre-school aged children and there are many opportunities for learning in every episode.

The Wiggles’ success is based on an understanding of children and engaging the physical, social, emotional and cognitive child. This educational background combined with entertaining music makes Ready, Steady, Wiggle! a sure hit for young children.

Available in Spanish

Series 1: 52 x 11’ HD
Series 2: 52 x 11’ HD
Series 3: 13 x 11' HD

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