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Upper Middle Bogan




Created by the acclaimed Australian comedy duo Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, the AACTA Award-winning Upper Middle Bogan is a smartly written and touching comedy series that explores the universal themes of identity, family and belonging.

When Bess Denyar (Annie Maynard, Puberty Blues), a wealthy doctor, discovers she is adopted and comes from a family of drag racers in the outer suburbs, she becomes the ‘Upper Middle Bogan’, forever caught in the middle of two tribes.

Despite the protests of her slightly snobby architect husband (Patrick Brammall, No Activity), her private school educated kids (Lara Robinson and Harrison Feldman), and her overbearing adoptive mother (Robyn Nevin, Top of the Lake), Bess is determined to make one big happy clan with her newly found and very noisy family.

Luckily, her biological parents Wayne (Glenn Robbins, Kath and Kim) and Julie Wheeler (Robyn Malcolm, Outrageous Fortune) feel the same way, and Bess finds herself with brand new grown-up siblings, delightful Brianna (Madeleine Jevic, Wentworth), super sweet Kayne (Rhys Mitchell, Barracuda) and potty-mouthed Amber (Michala Banas, McCleod’s Daughters).

Over three warm and deeply funny seasons, Bess struggles to manage her two families living at opposing ends of the freeway, with varying levels of success. As the Brights and the Wheelers each face new challenges, Bess’ dream of life as one big happy family seems almost impossible…but only almost.

Series 1: HD 8 x 30’
Series 2: HD 8 x 30’
Series 3: HD 8 x 30'


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Winner - AACTA Award for Best Television Comedy Series 2016