A Thousand Encores: The Ballets Russes

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DURATION: 1 x 56'

A Thousand Encores: The Ballets Russes


The story of how one of the greatest ballet companies of the 20th Century, the celebrated Ballets Russes, came to Australia and awoke a nation, transforming the cultural landscape of conservative 30s Australia.

The Ballets Russes' radical and exotic sets, avant-garde music, and costumes designed by European modernist artists, inspired a generation of Australians, sowing the seeds for Australian ballet today.

A Thousand Encores weaves history and archival footage with a contemporary tale, following the highs and lows of creating a ballet from scratch to opening night as world-class choreographer, Graeme Murphy (Swan Lake) breathes new life into one of the most famous Ballets Russes creations - the Russian fairytale, Firebird.


Sharyn Prentice
Marianne Latham, Lavinia Riachi
Flaming Star Films

Awards / Reviews

2011 (UK) Focal Awards - Best Use of Footage in Home Entertainment Release