Summer Heights High

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Summer Heights High


Summer Heights High explores what happens over one school term in an 'average' Australian high school.

In a 'mockumentary' format, Rose d'Or award-winning comedian Chris Lilley brings to life Jonah Takalua, a mischievous schoolboy from Tonga with the odds stacked against him; Mr G, an ego-driven Drama teacher with delusional showbiz dreams; and Ja'mie King, a bitchy private schoolgirl on a student exchange, set to make her mark.

Hilarious, absurd and frequently shocking, it is a world where small issues become huge, social groups are important, careers are built, young minds are moulded, hopes are shattered and dreams are realised.

Comedian Chris Lilley won the Rose d'Or Award in 2006 in the Best Performer category for Male Comedy Performance for The Nominees.


Stuart McDonald
Princess Pictures, Laura Waters; ABC, Bruce Kane
Laura Waters
Princess Pictures

Awards / Reviews

2009 (UK) Royal Television Society - Nominated, Best International Series