Strait to the Plate

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Available: HD 5 x 30'

Strait to the Plate




Unearthing food, culture, language and way of life through a tour through the Torres Strait Island region, Strait to the Plate is an unprecedented screen event. Set against the turquoise blue sea, host Aaron Fa’aoso explores the tropical Islands that dot the Straits with their white sandy beaches, highlighting six unique communities: Badu, Poruma, Moa, Seisia, Injinoo and New Mapoon.

Community leaders practice ways to revitalise and preserve the Torres Strait Islander language and traditions. In Badu, the Art Centre Manager inspires local artists to preserve traditional knowledge and record cultural practices and seasonal changes through art, and Moa hosts a traditional Torres Strait Island style wedding ceremony. On Poruma Island, the community advisor puts a contemporary twist on a Torres Strait dessert delight and explains how they are preserving the Kulkalgau Ya language. In the Northern Peninsula region, Aaron is welcomed back home to Seisia and cooks his Malaya-infused version of turtle tripe sambal while sharing his historical knowledge of the Asian influence throughout the Torres Strait region. Aaron also joins family and friends to prepare several unique dishes for a Torres Strait Island tombstone ceremony.

Strait to the Plate is a contemporary Torres Strait Islander narrative that is steeped in history, culture and tradition, showcasing the people of the Torres Strait region and how they continue to preserve, maintain and practice their way of life through food.


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