Sleuth 101

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Available: 8 x 30'

Sleuth 101



Sleuth 101 - the whodunit game show with a comedic twist. Each week a celebrity comedian tests their detective skills and attempts to solve a murder in front of a live studio audience and a trusty band of suspects and victims.

With no script, they rely on witness interviews, footage flashbacks, forensic evidence and their own observations.

Sleuth 101 proves that murder can take place in any setting at anytime including, a reality cooking show, a hair salon, during late night radio, in an art class or at Christmas lunch.

Sleuth 101's unique crime and comedy format can be tailored from 30 - 60 mins.


John Olb
Bruce Kane, Anthony Watt; ABC TV Iain Knight
Anthony Watt
Anthony Watt, Brendan Luno
Mayhem Productions