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Should I?




Are plant-based milks better for you than dairy? Have you heard of the 16/8 diet or the warrior diet? Do probiotics do us more harm than good?

Health journalist Tegan Taylor looks at the evidence for subjects like veganism, probiotics, fasting and plant-based milks, to uncover the truth.


Should I take probiotics?
If you’ve recently had to take antibiotics or you’re feeling run down, someone has probably suggested probiotics. We normally find these ‘good gut bacteria’ in our food. But now, there’s growing buzz around drinking live cultures and taking daily supplements even when you’re healthy. The scientific evidence for healthy people is pretty slim. Surprisingly, probiotics might do more harm than good.

Should I try intermittent fasting?
If you’re trying to lose weight, you've probably heard of the 5:2 diet. But what about the 16/8 diet or alternate day fasting? The warrior diet? These diets are popular with celebrities but what’s the science behind them? Is fasting really the new magic pill for weight loss and better health? And which combination of numbers and ratios is best?

Should I go vegan?
With supermarkets and even burger chains stocking up on plant-based alternatives, veganism is becoming more mainstream than ever. So should you go the whole hog and jump on board this trend?

Should I switch to plant-based milks?
These days baristas juggle orders for soy, oat, rice, almond and macadamia milk. There’s even kale and quinoa milk! So, why are so many people switching to plant–based milks? Are they better for you than dairy? And which one is the best?


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