Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand

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Available: 6 x 30’ HD

Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand



In this series, Poh pulls up her sleeves and lends a hand to people who are using cooking to help heal, inspire and change lives. Her eyes are thrown wide open as she witnesses how food can help get people’s lives back on track.

Poh creates food for the homeless in her hometown, works with a community program getting troubled young people off the street, helps a team of cooks with disabilities face one of their biggest tests, visits a town where food is helping to heal after devastating bushfires, and becomes a camp cook for troubled teens on an outback adventure.

The series concludes with a life changing trip to the slums of Cambodia.


Margot PhillipsonRichard Huddleston
Poh Ling Yeow