Pine Gap

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Pine Gap




A rogue missile blows a civilian aircraft out of the sky in Myanmar near an Asia-Pacific leaders’ conference, attended by the President of the United States and Australia’s Prime Minister. All fourteen people aboard Flight BM-24 are killed.

In the remote world of Pine Gap, an A-Crew intelligence team faces fallout from this terrorist attack on a civilian plane, growing tension between the US and China, and the stunning discovery that there is a mole in their midst.

Set in the intensely secretive world of intelligence and the enigmatic US/Australia joint defence facility in central Australia, this edge-of-your-seat drama delves into the famously strong alliance between the two countries.

With a new global player encroaching, and the world inching closer to war – trust, betrayal, love and loyalty all come into question.

Written and created by the multi-award team Greg Haddrick (Wolf Creek, Underbelly, ANZAC Girls, Cloudstreet, Janet King, Crownies, Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms) and Felicity Packard (Wolf Creek, Underbelly, ANZAC Girls, Janet King, MDA, GP, Blue Heelers, Home and Away), Pine Gap was filmed in the spectacular landscapes of the South Australian and Northern Territory outback.

Engrossing, intelligent and high-stakes, Pine Gap features a stellar cast including Parker Sawyers (Succession, World on Fire) and Steve Toussaint (Prince of Persia, Judge Dredd).

‘Must-see TV…a slick production that will indeed translate internationally’
Sunday Mail

'Satisfyingly gripping’
Sydney Sun-Herald

‘We are thrilled with the seriously diverse cast assembled to bring this bold and compelling drama to life…an ambitious, world class series, that will capture the imagination of audiences both here in Australia and around the world’
Sally Riley, ABC Head of Drama, Comedy & Indigenous


Mat King
Rory Callaghan Bob Campbell Greg Haddrick Sally Riley and Brett Sleigh
Lisa Scott and Felicity Packard
Greg Haddrick and Felicity Packard
Greg Haddrick and Felicity Packard