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Outback milliner Flic Brown has always had a passion for hats. Even in her early days as a jillaroo, she was known in the Kimberleys for her trademark Texan Stetson. With the humblest of starts making hats for jillaroo friends, her work is inspired by the vivid colours and textures of the Kimberley in remote northwestern Australia. Her one-off creations are wearable works of art made from materials literally picked out of the red dust, and are unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Unexpectedly, a cancer diagnosis and a chance meeting would present Flic with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - a solo show at New York Fashion week. Follow this girl from the outback as she walks onto the world stage and tackles the huge logistical hurdles and high pressures of an international fashion show.

A colourful personal and creative journey as she overcomes the odds and prepares for one of global fashion’s highest peaks.

Narrated by Claire van der Boom.


Carolyn Constantine