Kidnap Case Files

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Kidnap Case Files




Abduction and kidnap are risky crimes, with often complex motivations. Political intrigue, bitter family disputes, hunger for money, sexual gratification or just old-fashioned revenge have been at the root of some of the most infamous kidnapping cases – with ransoms being paid, murders committed, or victims just disappearing for ever. In almost every case, the consequences are devastating and far-reaching.

This gripping true crime series delves deeply into major abduction cases, both famous and relatively unknown, and examines the historical, political and social context of each event, and how it changed the way we view the world.

Renowned policing and forensics expert Robin Napper (a former UK Detective Chief Inspector, and former Head of Operations of Britain’s National Crime Faculty) investigates the dark side of human nature, reopening cases that have captured the public’s and media attention throughout history. Robin has undertaken extensive study and training and is a world leading authority on crime investigation, scientific based policing, terrorism and prison security, and brings a unique insight into some of the world’s most intriguing kidnap cases.

Covering recent cases, such as the horrifying abduction of eleven girls by 51-year-old Lee Donald Kaplan, who believed he was a prophet of God, to the historically fascinating 1933 Brooke Hart case, where the kidnappers were bought to brutal justice by the townspeople, to the notorious Ivan Milat abduction of backpacking tourists, Kidnap Case Files proves that, as ever, the truth is stranger than fiction.


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