How to Do Stuff Good

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Available: HD 2 x Series

How to Do Stuff Good



From arts & crafts to cooking and pranks this team of life hackers has kids covered

Funny, spontaneous and engaging, this exciting new format is here to teach kids how to do stuff…good! Hosted by a zany bunch of school-aged kids, each with their own story to tell and lesson to impart, this hilarious series demonstrates how to do all manner of amazing things, from making beautiful burger pancakes to tricking parents with coffee spill pranks, from making epic homemade lava lamps, learning how to attract birds to the garden, printing t-shirt designs, to making the tastiest cake pops ever.

Featuring a diverse collective of ‘life hackers’ who guide kids, step-by-step, on creative journeys, this acclaimed and quirky children’s series encourages experimentation, collaboration and most of all imagination – sharing helpful tips for kids the whole family can enjoy.

Series 1: HD 10 x 10'
Series 2: HD 14 x 20'

Produced by ABC ME


Australian Broadcasting Corporation