At Home with Julia

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At Home with Julia



Timeslot ratings winner, At Home with Julia is a romantic comedy/political satire about Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, her unemployed hairdresser boyfriend Tim Mathieson and their everyday life behind the closed doors of their home and official residence, The Lodge.

Though the Prime Minister and her man are deeply in love, cracks start to show as Tim struggles with feelings of inadequacy, while events always seem to conspire against Julia’s efforts to make time for him.

Just as their relationship seems to have won out over the pressures of Julia’s career, increasingly cataclysmic mishaps lead Tim to feel no choice but to end the relationship. Is Julia and Tim’s love strong enough to make reconciliation possible? Or are they doomed to remain apart?


Erin White
Rick Kalowski, Greg Quail
Amanda Bishop, Rick Kalowski, Phil Lloyd
Quail Television