Happy Birthday Mr President (Foreign Correspondent)

DURATION: 1 x 30’

Happy Birthday Mr President (Foreign Correspondent)



Vladimir Putin crushes opponents, but a growing army of young Russians is fighting back. Their gift to the strongman on his 65th birthday? A show of defiance and a demand to quit. In St Petersburg, where Russia’s last Tsar was toppled, another revolt is stirring. It’s on the streets where thousands of chanting young protesters are set to march, and online, where memes and piss-takes of President Putin and his comrades go viral. On Putin’s 65th birthday, protesters want him to do what most Russians do – retire. They will defy official warnings that they will be arrested for demonstrating illegally. If the strongman has a weakness, this is it: the many young Russians who have no memory of any leader other than Putin and who are angry about corruption and abuse of power.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation