Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nudes

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Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nudes




Wielding her wit and insight like a detective in a TV crime drama with a UV torchlight, award-winning comedian Hannah Gadsby traces the nude in art back to its classic depictions of male strength and feminine vulnerability, examining the earliest portrayals of the nude in art that created rigid ideals of the body that are still with us today. In doing so, she disturbs unspoken layers of gender power play and unconscious messaging.

Walking boldly between artful humour and accessible art analysis, Nakedy Nudes is entertaining and full of surprises – and in true Gadsby style, it gets you thinking.

Features interviews with Tate curator Emma Chambers and Justin Paton of the Art Gallery of NSW, and artists (and their muses) including Bill Henson, Wendy Whiteley, Ben Quilty, Deborah Kelly, Julie Rrap, Brook Andrew, William Yang, Liz Ann Macgregor, Ramesh Nithiyendran and Paul Delprat.

Hannah’s tour through the history of the nude in art starts in Ancient Greece, examining the glorification of masculine strength, invulnerability and rock-hard abs, and moves on to examine the classic depiction of the vulnerable, passive female subject which evolved a little later. As the series progresses, Hannah reveals that the dominant construct of the male gaze still troubles us today, despite the feminist art revolution of the 20th century. She also examines how female artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Linder and Sarah Lucas began to subvert the notion of the male gaze, taking back ownership of the nude female body.


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