Eight Weeks to Happiness

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Available: 3 x 55 mins

Eight Weeks to Happiness


Recently, scientists have made significant progress towards understanding the concept of happiness including what are the keys to real happiness. They have discovered that happiness is not just a fleeting emotion or an inborn quality, but a skill that can be cultivated. The effects of happiness can be seen in our brains, bloodstreams and behaviour and what's more, it's contagious.

In Eight Weeks to Happiness, the latest research from the science of happiness is taken for a test drive on suburban streets. Eight ordinary people sign up to a happiness program and are pushed to their emotional and physical limits, discovering that the road to happiness is full of twists and turns.

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Making Families Happy
Making Couples Happy


Kalita Corrigan
Daryl Karp
Jennifer Cummins
Heiress Films