Downfall: The Last Days of President Trump

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Downfall: The Last Days of President Trump




On 6 January 2021, supporters of Donald Trump converged on the American capital. As the President still refused to concede defeat, for his supporters it was a ‘now or never’ moment to act.

As lawmakers gathered to certify the election results, Trump’s inflammatory ‘stop the steal’ rhetoric fanned the flames on an already fevered atmosphere.

That day, incited by the outgoing President, the most sacred symbol of American democracy, the Capital Building, was stormed by an angry mob, unleashing violence and destruction. This gripping account of the insurrection is told by eyewitnesses in vantage points around the Capitol Building, watching as the riot gathered pace and the mob broke through barriers to reach the politicians trapped inside.

Award-winning reporter Sarah Ferguson confronts some of those who answered the President’s call to overturn the election result, and those who loyally served Donald Trump at the very highest level. In the aftermath, while many questioned how such an event could have come to pass, others were unsurprised.

With President Biden in the White House, the Republican party continues to grapple with its political future. Defeated, disgraced, and now twice-impeached, Donald Trump may be out of office, but the anger he unleashed continues to threaten - as America and the world watches for his next move.

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