Double the Fist 2

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Available: 8 x 26'

Double the Fist 2



Every day is a battle for Steve Foxx and The FIST team - Womp, Mephisto and Steve's brother, Rod.

They're the super-gory, super-cool, super-heroes and they're here to save the planet, the Universe - and Prawnworld - from an endless parade of arch villains, intergalactic despots and the usual bunch of hippy do-gooders.

In their War on Weakness (and Medieval Re-enactment Societies), they show no mercy. Public servants, renegade men's groups and Swedish furniture makers - all will feel the wrath of the FIST.

It's the series the You Tube Generation has been searching for. They may be super-heroes with a sci-fi twist, but they play dirty and they don't brush after every meal.


ABC Megan Harding
Jason Harty