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He declared war against Japan. He defied Churchill. He convinced Roosevelt to take his side. For a leader plagued by self-doubt, poor health and personal demons, John Curtin served his country without reserve. This is the true story of Australia's reluctant warlord.

In his first six months as Prime Minister, he was confronted by the tragedy of Pearl Harbour, the fall of Singapore and the bombing of Darwin. One wrong decision could result in a massive loss of life and the surrender of his country.

Curtin is a raw and intimate story of a driven and inspirational man who struggles to battle his own personal demons while serving and protecting a country at war.

NOTE: DLT available


Jessica Hobbs
ABC: Miranda Dear, Scott Meek
Andrew Wiseman, Richard Keddie
Alison Nisselle
Apollo Films

Awards / Reviews

2007 (Canada) 28th Annual Banff World Television Awards - Nominated - Best Made for TV Movie