Christmas With Poh

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Christmas With Poh



Poh Ling Yeow loves to cook and it’s time for her to take on Christmas food.

Her early years were spent in a Muslim country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Although she moved to Australia with her family when she was nine years old and there have been many Christmas days since then, her family has no Christmas food traditions.

For Poh, her story of Christmas is of the curry dish sitting beside a Christmas ham; an amalgamation of others’ traditions.

Three of Poh's cooking buddies, Emmanuel Mollois, Andre Ursini and Dennis Leslie will join her in the program, bringing with them French, Italian and Filipino influences.

Poh’s cooking buddies are also migrants but unlike her they grew up in families with a strong tradition of Christmas. As Poh learns about their Christmas food and customs, she helps to make their dishes and develops new dishes of her own.

It’s Christmas with a difference, with Poh and her friends bringing a fusion of flavours and a multicultural feast to the table, representing a truly international Christmas.


Colin Haynes
Margot Phillipson
Poh Ling Yeow