Cheese Slices

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DURATION: 8 x Series

Cheese Slices



Cheese Slices is a unique television series focused on artisanal and traditional handmade cheeses from around the globe.

Part culinary adventure, part travelogue, this award-winning series is hosted by author, presenter and cheese expert, Will Studd. Touring three continents, Cheese Slices takes a delcious look at the world's best-loved cheeses and explores the passion and the skill of the cheese makers who create them. Join Will as he visits hundreds of dairies and cheese makers in more than two-dozen countries across the world. Explore the fascinating stories behind genuine Normandy Camembert and Roquefort. Discover the secrets of maturing the best Comte Gruyere, Gorgonzola and cave-ripened Tallegio. And many more mouth-watering adventures.

Series 1: 6 x 30'
Series 2: 7 x 30'
Series 3: 8 x 30'
Series 4: 9 x 30' HD & 1 x 45' HD special
Series 5: 9 x 30' HD or 8 x 30' & 1 x '45 HD special
Series 6: 6 x 30' & 2 x 40' or 8 x 30’ HD
Series 7: 8 x 30' HD
Series 8: 6 x 30' HD

DLT also available.


Fromagent Australia / Squid Ink media

Awards / Reviews

2011 (Australia) The Australian Cinematography Society annual awards - Roger Price won Gold for Danish episode
2010 (Australia) SMH Couch Potato Awards Best Local Documentary Series
2009 (Australia) NSW/ACT Awards for Cinematography (under Australian Cinematograpers Society) - Winner - Gold and Silver Cinematography awards for NSW/ACT