Catalyst (Series 1-17)

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Available: Ongoing half-hour magazine series

Catalyst (Series 1-17)



The original format of ABC's acclaimed science program, Catalyst makes sense of our amazing, extraordinary and constantly changing world.

From medicine to the environment, space exploration to psychology, this multi award-winning magazine series takes science out of the lab and investigates the ‘real world’ implications, ethics and politics behind the very latest advances.

Covering a diverse range of subjects, the Catalyst team of experienced award-winning science journalists delivers a refreshingly clear and illuminating explanation of some of the world’s more complicated topics.

Every episode tells us something we didn’t know, takes us somewhere we’ve never been, or introduces us to concepts that are beyond belief.

Whether exploring the outer reaches of the universe, or the innermost secrets of our extraordinary bodies, this half-hour ongoing series investigates the dynamic forces and ‘hot button’ issues that are changing the face of the world today.


Claire Absolum, Louise Heywood
Australian Broadcasting Corporation