Brian Cox: Life of a Universe

DURATION: 2 x 27' and 1 x 60'

Brian Cox: Life of a Universe



In this fascinating two-part special, Professor Brian Cox tackles the biggest story of them all - the beginning and end of everything.

How did our Universe come into existence? Was there a time before the Big Bang? Do our laws of physics inexorably lead to the existence of us? When will the last day on Earth be? When will the stars die and the sky go dark? What will be left at the very end of the everything? Is the end of the Universe really even the end?

Inspired by the Southern Sky as he travels Australia, Brian reveals our very latest understanding about how the Universe began & how it will end. In answering these questions, the two films focus on the work of eminent Australian scientists and the unique clues that can only be revealed by exploring the Southern Sky. Both films also feature added input from global cosmological luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

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