Bombora - The History of Australian Surfing

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Bombora - The History of Australian Surfing



The extraordinary tale of how surfing went from an obscure pastime reserved for Hawaiian Kings to become an Australian obsession, an international sport and finally, a global phenomenon.

Featuring a surfing "who's who" and rare archival footage, Bombora takes us on a journey from the early 19th Century pioneers, to the impact of "The Duke" and 60's and 70's counter-culture - to shine a light on how Australian surf culture conquered the world.

From the NFSA’s Film Australia Collection.

Screen Australia/Bombora Film and Music. Developed and produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A Screen Australia National Interest Program.

© 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia/Bombora Film and Music, Australia Broadcasting Corporation.


Paul Clarke, Greg Appel
Penny Robins, Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke, Greg Appel
Paul Clarke, Nick Carroll, Greg Appel
Screen Australia, Bombora Film and Music Co, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Awards / Reviews

2010 (Australia) Logie Awards - Nomination for Outstanding Factual Program