Becoming Superhuman (Catalyst)

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DURATION: 2 x 27' or 1 x 57'

Becoming Superhuman (Catalyst)



Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen’s promised 13 year-old Riley Saban, who lives with severe cerebral palsy that he will invent a device to help Riley achieve the impossible, with cutting-edge technology.

Jordan’s aim is for Riley to have ‘telekinetic control’ – the ability to independently take control of the technology in his environment using only his eyes – through a headband that will respond to Riley’s eye movements.

Is the day when technology gives our biology superhuman powers closer than we think?


The Feds Australia Pty Limited

Awards / Reviews

Winner 2016 ATOM Award Best Factual Television series Australia
Winner Gold award for NSW ACS awards Australia
Winner Best Documentary 2017 Picture This International Disability Film Festival, Canada.
Winner Gold REMI Award 50th Annual International Independent Film Festival, WorldFest, USA.
Winner 2017 ROCKIE Award Best Science and Technology, BANFF World Media Festival, Canada
Winner Australian Museum Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
EUREKA Prize for Science Journalism.
Official Selection SUPER GEEK Film Festival Florida Supercon USA
Official Selection SCINEMA International Science Festival, Australia
Official Selection ASSIM VIVEMOS International Disability Film Festival, Brazil