Bastard Boys

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DURATION: 4 x 60' HD and 2 x 120' HD

Bastard Boys



Political thriller, war epic, buddy movie, love story and courtroom Drama rolled into one, Bastard Boys is the riveting story of the fight that stopped a nation - the 1998 battle for Australia's waterfront.

More than just a dispute over reform, it became a war for the hearts and minds of Australians, forcing people to pick a side and fight for their beliefs.

One man determined to instigate change. Against him an army of workers hell bent on maintaining their conditions and rights. And in the background, a government intent on pursuing its own agenda.

Controversial, all-consuming and combative, this is contemporary drama at its very best.

NOTE: DLT available


Ray Quint
Sue Smith
ABC TV, Flying Cabbage Productions Pty Ltd