Bananas in Pyjamas - Live action series

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DURATION: 300x5 mins/120x22 mins

Bananas in Pyjamas - Live action series


Bananas in Pyjamas, their friends and brightly-coloured world are a hit with pre-schoolers around the world!

They love the simplicity, relevant stories, strong musical content, physical humour and the keen sense of the ridiculous.

This irresistible entertainment is available in 3 Formats: as five-minute self-contained stories; or as four self-contained stories in a commercial half-hour linked by segments with animated bumpers to introduce and exit commercial breaks; and as half-hour specials. An array of Bananas in Pyjamas books, videos, audio tapes and an extensive line of merchandise accompanies the series, providing opportunities for cross-promotion and enhanced market share.

Bananas in Pyjamas originated from the song of the same name, which is also the series' signature tune. The words and music are by Carey Blyton.


Mark Barnard, Claire Henderson
Virginia Lumsden