Australia's Wild Treasures

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Australia's Wild Treasures




Australia’s diverse and unique landscapes and ecosystems are unparalleled. Narrated by Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, Total Control, A Place to Call Home), Australia’s Wild Treasures showcases six of these unique places of ecological significance and natural beauty, where animals have adapted to their particular habitats, each amazing in their own way.

Extending from shallow estuarine areas to the open ocean, the Great Barrier Reef covers a vast expanse of unique ecological communities, habitats and species. This complex system is home to a delicately balanced web of life covering islands, mangroves, shallow coastal lagoons and the deep sea, anchored by coral - one of the most unusual animals on the planet.

Conjuring images of red soil and harsh sun, the Red Centre contains the towering figure of Uluru - a magnificent monolith that is an icon of wild Australia - remote, untamed, and mysterious. But the Red Centre and its surrounding desert landscapes holds much more than meets the eye.

In the Top End, on the flood plains and ancient sculptured escarpments of Kakadu, an incredibly diverse array of life is shaped by the tumultuous natural forces in two vastly different halves of the year: the Wet and the Dry.

Unique and breathtaking, the lush alpine regions of the Great Dividing Range play a central role to the animals living along the east coast, separating the verdant forests of the eastern coastline with the vast, flat plains to the west. The tallest mountains in the range, the Australian Alps are the only place in Australia high enough for snow to settle over the hills throughout the winter months.

Queensland’s Ancient Rainforests comprise just one fifth of a percent of the continent, yet they account for some of the highest levels of biodiversity not just in the country, but on earth. The Daintree Rainforest is a marvel of living history, older than the Amazon, offering us a window into an Australia that has otherwise now vanished into the past.

A world lost in time, Tasmania is an isolated pocket of ancient forests and Jurassic mountains sheltering animals that live nowhere else on the planet. From the largest carnivorous marsupial left on earth, to platypuses that walk as well as swim, to giant underwater forests, Tasmania occupies a unique place in the national imagination.

An unmissable survey of the remarkable landscapes that make up this extraordinary continent.

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