Australia Wild Series

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DURATION: 21 x 30 mins

Australia Wild Series


A Very Particular Parrot
Many mysterious plants and animals are hidden on Cape York Peninsula, the remote tropical tip of northern Australia, among them the rare Golden Shouldered Parrot.

Bird Man of Paradise
Climbing high in the treetops of some of Australia's most inaccessible rainforests is a man on the hunt - on the hunt for one of the four species of Birds of Paradise that exist on the island continent.

Cat Wars
In the Victorian hills of Australia, there's a curfew - a curfew on cats.

Clash of the Carnivores
On the rugged, fortress-like island of Tasmania on Australia's southern tip, live Tasmanian Devils, Tiger Quolls and Eastern Quolls, carnivores and marsupials alike.

Emus: Curious Companions
A somewhat gawky bird that has the most unexpected sexual habits is probably Australia's most recognisable bird.

From the Snow to the Sea
From the microscopic drama of an animal-eating plant to the majesty of the sea eagle, this program explores the vital connection between the water and wildlife in a unique corner of Australia.

Hello Possums
Hoarse coughs and bumps in the night can be blamed on the Brushtail possum, the most successful of all Australian marsupials to adapt to city living.

Lizards of Oz
Blow-up lizard dolls, lizards on treadmills and lizard underpants with built-in radio transmitters are the unorthodox but effective methods scientists are using to reveal the secret lives of lizards.

Nature's Gamblers
We resoundingly applaud life strategies that neatly exploit a particular evolutionary strength but forget that such risks can make an animal or plant vulnerable.

Night of the Bogongs
Employing the latest in filmmaking techniques, this film follows the fascinating 800km migration of the Bogong Moth, one of the longest of the insect marathons.

Portrait Painter to the Birds
William Cooper is the greatest in Sir David Attenborough's books. The greatest painter of Australian birds that is.

River Red
An Australian red river gum by the water's edge is a tranquil image but deceptive.

Rivers of Fire
A volcanic eruption in Northern Queensland more than 199,000 years ago spewed lava streams 23 kilometres long creating the Undara lava tubes.

Rock Opera
On a lonely outcrop called Black Rock in Far North Queensland, lives a small community of rock wallabies.

Sperm Wars
In most species, long-held notions of motherhood, fatherhood and monogamy are being questioned, with evidence showing that even females presumed to be monogamous mate with more than one male during their reproductive cycle.

Spirits of the Forest
Birds of Paradise hold a magnetic attraction for the highland people of Papua New Guinea who greatly prize their delicate and spectacular plumes as symbols of wealth.

Survival on the Reef
On a spring night, a spawning of coral takes place on the largest coral reef in the world - the Great Barrier Reef off the north-eastern coast of Australia.

Which Sex?
How do Fairy Wrens make sure that they give birth to more males than females?

Window on the Wild
The rare Long-Footed Poteroo, the Tuan and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot are just some of the occupants of the Healesville Sanctuary - an Australian zoo with a difference.

Wombats: Bulldozers of the Bush
This film examines the myths and realities of wombat life, above and below the ground, as scientists begin to understand these intrepid and resourceful Bulldozers of the Bush.

Year of The Gagadju
A land of rivers and flood plains, paperbark and eucalypt woodlands split by ancient sandstone cliffs - this is the home of Bill Neidjie and the Gagadju people.


Dione Gilmour