Audrey's Kitchen

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DURATION: 20 x 3’ HD

Audrey's Kitchen



Hosted by fictional celebrity chef, the impeccably coiffed Audrey Gordon, each episode features an exotic recipe prepared in Audrey’s unfeasibly clean and spacious kitchen.

Along with the always-opinionated Audrey’s thoughts on food, table manners and the inadequacies of our immigration policy, it’s also an opportunity for Audrey to rail against the annoyances of her daily life, from poor table manners and substandard produce, to vegetarians and store-bought mayonnaise.

This is an irreverent remedy to the crowded world of celebrity chefs and the cult of TV cooking.

Audrey's Kitchen is a series for anyone who loves food but is willing to admit that we might sometimes be taking it all too seriously.


Santo CilauroTom GleisnerMichael HirshRob Sitch
Working Dog Productions