Art House

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DURATION: 4 x 27 mins

Art House


Forget the fragile egos and artistic sensibilities, this is business. And it's worth millions. Welcome to the ferociously competitive world of the art auction. Our leading players are David Cook, Head of Paintings in Sydney for international auction giant Christies, and Damian Hackett, his counterpart at the brash new upstart, Deutscher-Menzies.

Over the course of four half hours, Art House will go behind the scenes to witness their "modus operandi" as they hunt for stock, broker deals and prepare for the big day when millions of dollars worth of paintings will go under the hammer. Experience the backroom deals and bidding wars, the coups and the stuff-ups in this eye-opening exposé into the business of art.


Chris Hilton
Ian Collie
Hilton Cordell Productions