Appetite for Asia

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DURATION: 13 x 24 mins

Appetite for Asia


Pull up a chair. Put on your napkin. And open your mind to endless culinary possibilities.

Appetite for Asia is based in the very hub of Asian cuisine, Singapore, and presented by the internationally renowned food writer, culinary adviser and actor, Margaret Chan. The cosmopolitan make-up of this unique city vibrates to sounds, tastes and aromas of Malay, Chinese, British, Indian, Peranakan and Nonya styles of cooking.

Appetite for Asia takes viewers on a journey of discovery including a Malay wedding, the internationally famous Singapore Food Festival, the delights of Singapore's seafood and the Colonial Legacy in the grand Raffles Hotel.


Carmelo Musca
Marian Bartsch, Derek Longhurst
Karen Williams
CVA Film Productions; CM Film Productions