Aftermath, The

DURATION: 1 x 45 mins

Aftermath, The


A special report on the end of war in Iraq - and the beginnings of a turbulent peace. As Saddam Hussein's giant statue topples ignominiously in downtown Baghdad, award-winning reporter Liz Jackson begins a personal exploration of the aftermath of war.

This Four Corners presentation is the first Australian long form documentary on the war since US forces overwhelmed Baghdad. Jackson's observational program captures the naive enthusiasm of American troops as they press down on Baghdad with their daunting weaponry. At the head of one unit is a seasoned sergeant-major who finds the sounds of night battles a tonic for sleep, "kind of soothing... kind of relaxing". As Jackson enters Baghdad, buildings are burning and gunfire bursts erratically from what the military men call "pockets of resistance". Bombed-out cars litter the roads, each containing the story of a driver on an unfinished errand, a destination not reached.

Liz Jackson traces the political, social and religious fault lines that have been exposed now that fear of Saddam no longer glues Iraq together. "The Aftermath" is a mirror to a country in post-war chaos and a guide to the complexities and problems that will play themselves out in the months and years to come.


Bruce Belsham