Adriana Lecouvreur - Cilea

DURATION: 1 x 140 mins

Adriana Lecouvreur - Cilea


Adriana Lecouvreur is the most popular work of Francesco Cilea, based on the 1849 play by Eugene Scribe and Ernest Legouvé. Adriana Lecouvreur is a star of the stage who could seemingly have any man she desires, but when she falls hopelessly in love with the Count of Saxony, she discovers he's already been promised to the Princess of Bouillon, leading to a battle of wills between them.

"This is an excellently sung, played and staged production of this lovely, lyrical opera." The Canberra Times.

"...the grandeur of her (Dame Joan's) voice ennobles Cilea's modest but hummable inventions...we hear a sumptuous and eloquent sound." The Sydney Morning Herald.

Featuring: Joan Sutherland, Heather Begg, Anson Austin, John Shaw, The Australian Opera Chorus, The Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra. Conductor: Richard Bonynge. Director: Hugh Davison. Produced for television in association with the ABC, 1984.


Brian Adams
John Copley