8MMM Aboriginal Radio


8MMM Aboriginal Radio


In the middle of nowhere, in Central Australia, is Alice Springs. It’s a sacred place for Aboriginal people and a magnet for three kinds of whitefellas: Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits. It’s also the home of 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, where the mob meets the 3Ms.

8MMM is the proud voice of blackfellas in this part of the world. Trouble is, like most Indigenous organisations, it’s run by whitefellas. For the Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits of Alice Springs, ‘saving’ Aboriginal people from themselves is hard work. For Aboriginal people being ‘saved’ all the time is exhausting.

As the motley crew at 8MMM broadcasts the day-today goings on of Alice Springs, they find ignorance and interference at every turn - and that’s before they’ve left the building.

8MMM Aboriginal Radio is truthful and bold - a comedy about tolerance, self-determination and cultural misunderstanding and why, when all else fails - which it usually does - it’s good to laugh.


Dena CurtisAdrian Russell Wills
Andrea DenholmLaura Waters
Rachel ClementsTrisha Morton-ThomasAnna Cadden
Trisha Morton-ThomasDanielle MacLeanSonja Dare
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