Shark Girl wins New York Festivals’ Gold World Medal

Shark Girl wins New York Festivals’ Gold World Medal


The documentary SHARK GIRL (1 x 57’) has taken out a 'Gold World Medal' in the 'Environment & Ecology' category for as part of the New York Festivals’ Worlds Best TV and Films 2014.

ABC Commercial congratulates SHARK GIRL’s multi award-winning producers, Kaufmann Productions (Project Manta, Lizard Kings) led by Gisela Kaufmann (Producer/Director/Writer) and Carsten Orlt (Producer/Editor) on the win.

SHARK GIRL tells the story of Madison Stewart, a young woman with a passion for sharks. When she was 14, Madison waved goodbye to the more conventional life of her peers and opted for home schooling on a small boat in the Pacific.

Armed with a small video camera she set out to single-handedly save the sharks she loved – the predators that strike fear in the hearts of most people. She dives without any mesh or cage, and her camera is her weapon to fight the ignorance that surrounds these spectacular and misunderstood creatures.

Today, at 18 years old, Madison has swum face to face with every kind of shark on the Great Barrier Reef, and she has come to realise that if sharks are endangered, so is the entire reef.

SHARK GIRL is Madison’s journey. One-of-a-kind and instantly engaging, free-spirited yet fully focused, playful yet considerate, youthfully idealistic yet down-to-earth; Madison is deadly serious about her life’s mission.